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Why Cocktail Rings are the best thing since sliced bread!

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We love cocktail rings at Muzette 009.  They're great because they are the perfect way to take a small item and pack a big punch. Many people think that cocktail rings are only for special dress or for evening wear, but that's just not the case.  The great thing about sportswear is that there are no rules.  So you can accessorize it as fabulously and wildly as you want. A little tidbit on the history of cocktail rings, that you may find interesting is that they got their name back during the 1920's Prohibition Era in America when one of the the most fanciful things you could do was illegally sip a cocktail in an underground watering hole.  Your cocktail glass was your first accessory.  Drawing attention to that glass with a supremely fabulous ring was your second.  Cocktail rings were just one more item that one could use to stunt during this Roaring Twenties period of consumer excess.

On our trip to Paris this year we stumbled upon a cute little boutique called Jade and Julie that had the largest selection of fantastical, quality cocktail rings I think I have ever laid eyes on.  After trying on dozens, we brought a choice few back stateside.  Never put off till tomorrow what you can wear today!  We wear our rings all the time.  At the office, to the beach, doing laundry.  Every day, you should look and feel special.  Cocktail rings can be all over the place, pricewise so search online, search vintage boutiques in your area, or even home shopping networks for special looking rings.  You can get lovely costume pieces or splurge on something real.  Pair your rings with a fresh manicure and start waving those hands around!  It really makes you look pulled together and glamorous and there is nothing that a Muzette Doll loves more than that!


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