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Keeping a Tight Grip on Your Baubles While Traveling

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If you are like us, you like to have your shiny baubles on hand when you travel.  Even if it's a backpacking trip, or something lowkey I can't bear to go without some sparkly stud earrings and at least one necklace.  If it's something like a trip to Paris, then forget about it....I go there with maybe 6 pieces and leave with 20.  It is what it is, I make no apologies.


Normally I try to fit everything into several small jewelry boxes that I then put into my carry on tote, with my make up bags, laptop and everything else I think I would die without.  Sometimes they won't fit and then I have to put them into my carry on luggage, which as we know, sometimes gets checked on a full flight. This makes me nervous.  One of my friends who flew from LA to NY for a wedding had a little carry one that got taken from her and was given back to her burned.  Literally the bag somehow caught on fire somewhere on the tarmac as it was being brought to Baggage Claim.  Her Maid of Honor Dress, La Prairie potions, fun lingerie and HER JEWELRY all up in flames.  Of course she was recompensed but that's not the point.  If she could have fit some of that into her tote bag, some of it would have been saved.  This is why I am in love with our new Jodi Jewelry Travel Cases.  They are small enough to fit into a tote, but carry a gang of jewels.  You can fit at least 3 necklaces, several bangles, plenty of earrings and a ton of rings into this.  And it has a mirror so you can check out your handiwork. Cases like these, not this brand however, made it onto Oprah's Favorite Things this year.  I can see why though. Every travelin' woman needs at least one of these to keep all her baubles straight.  Happy Traveling Ladies!!



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